Best All Purpose Cleaners For Detailing

Best All Purpose Cleaners For Detailing

When it comes to all purpose cleaners and detailing, there tends to be some questions.

Can I use a household purpose cleaners?

The answer is no. While most all purpose cleaners are chemically very similar, it is important to use a car-specific cleaner. Household APC's are made to lift tough grim and stain off of countertops, and floors. Just stick to car-specific cleaners. They have been tested, tried, and true to be safe on all interior parts. 

Should I use a degreaser instead of an all purpose cleaners?

When it comes to degreasers, you should tend to stay away from using them as your go-to all purpose cleaner. The reason being is that degreasers are much stronger. Hence the reason why they work much better than a basic all purpose cleaner for an engine bay. However, in certain situations when the all purpose cleaner just doesn't seem to be doing the job, you can always count on a degreaser such as Super Clean to cut through heavy grim. 

How should I dilute my APC?

When you purchase you APC it will most likely come in a gallon of APC concentrate. You can then dilute that product to increase it's longevity, save some money, and prevent damage to interior components. The recommended dilution ratio for an all purpose cleaners is 10:1. This means 10 parts water, 1 part chemical. Most spray bottles for auto detailing will have the correct measurement. If not, then it's time to break out some math skills!

Can I use this in the sun?

You also must be mindful of what environment you are working in. If we look into some chemistry of some of these compounds, the strength, and cleaning power is increased when heat is introduced. This is the same reason why a steam cleaner can be used to aid in removing dirt and grime when paired with an APC. 

With that said, here are some of our favorite all purpose cleaners for detailing!

1. P&S Express Interior Cleaner

Price: $18.95


2. Mequiar's All Purpose Cleaner

Price: $22

3. Superclean Degreaser

Price: $17

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