Best Interior Dressings And Protectants

Best Interior Dressings And Protectants

Interior dressings are a way to bring a nice matte and protection to your vinyls and plastics within your car. 

Over the years the formula's of these dressings has improved drastically. Back in the day, oily, greasy dressings were used which would cause the notorious "sticky dash".

Today, these dressings give you a great finish that revives the plastics and ads protection against dirt, dust, and UV Rays. 

With that said, here are out the top 3 interior dressings of 2022. 

1. 303 Aerospace Protectant

Price$16/Pint | $65/Gallon

Description: 303 Aerospace Protectant was originally engineered for aerospace and aviation applications. This water-based dressing dries to a clear, matte finish. This will also protect against fading, discoloration, and cracking from harmful UV rays.

2. Mequiars Hyper Dressing

Price: $50/Gallon

Description: Mequiar's Hyper Dressing is a water-based dressing that can be diluted 4:1. Most dressing must be used 1:1 or not diluted at all!

High Gloss 1:1

Medium Gloss 2:1

Satin Finish 3:1

Natural Finish 4:1


3. P&S Shine All Dressing

Price: $14/Pint | $50/Gallon

Description: P&S Shine All is actually a water based tire dressing. *Although, shine can also be used on the interior to condition, soften and protect all leather, vinyl, and plastic surfaces. If you are looking for a great all purpose dressing then check this product out. 

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