Start Your Detailing Business For Only $500 - $600

Start Your Detailing Business For Only $500 - $600

When starting a detailing business the most common question is "What do I need to start!??"  The answer is you need enough equipment, and chemicals to get you off the ground to begin offering basic detailing services.

When you get started, you don't need to buy the absolute most expensive and high quality tools and equipment. You can start off cheaper, and build your arsenal up over time!

A lot of so called "guru" detailers will try to put you down for not buying to top of the line products. But when starting out, this simply does not make sense. We need to start off as profitable as possible, and slowly build our arsenal. 

Keep in mind: The end result is determined by the detailer, not the products.

To help you out, I listed and priced out everything you will need to start an Auto Detailing Business for around $500 - $600. Most of everything is linked to Amazon. Now I have found some things cheaper in store (I will clarify what products are). 

Tools & Equipment

1. Pressure Washer | SunJoe SPX 3000

Price: $150

2. Rigid Portable Vacuum

Price: $110 

 Rigid Portable Vacuum

3. Rigid Car Cleaning Kit

Price: $52

4. Black & Decker Drill

Price: $60

5. Detailing Buckets

Price: $30 *Cheaper In Store, Any Bucket Will Work

6. Wash Mitts

Price: $12

7. Interior Brushes

Price: $9

8. Exterior Brushes

Price: $9

9. Wheel Hub Brush

Price: $10

10: Tire brush

Price: $10

11. Microfiber Towels:

Price: $16 *Cheaper in stores (Check Walmart or Costco)

12. Clay Mitt

Price: $12

13. Drying Towel

Price: $22

14. Spray Bottles

Price: $14 *Cheaper In Stores

15. Hose

Price: $30 *Cheaper In Stores

17. Blackline HD Foam Cannon

Price: $80 (Payment Plan Available)


1. P&S All Purpose Cleaner

Price: $24.99

2. Super Clean Degreaser

Price: $8.99

3. P&S Beadmaker

Price: $36

4. P&S Break Buster

Price: $25

5. Tire Shine 

Price: $12

 6. Mr. Pink Snow Foam

Price: $24.99



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Thank you so much for doing this. It really makes it so much easier to learn and understand what I could really do. I’ve never known what I wanted to do with my life especially at this time. I came across one of your videos today about detailing and it really crossed my eye. I have a soft spot for cars but never figured out how to learn as much as I can. As this won’t teach me much. It still gave me a great idea to do this on my own and with all the information you give it makes it so much easier. I just wanted to say I appreciate what you do and thank you.

Ashley S.

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