Best Wheel Cleaners Of 2022 For Auto Detailing

Top 3 Best & Most Affordable Wheel Cleaners

In todays day Auto Detailing product market, its hard to determine which wheel cleaner is the best for auto detailing. With hundreds of different brands out there, you may be lost with what one to go with. So if that's you, then here are some things to look for. 

  1. A wheel cleaner that can be diluted, and still give you great results. 
  2. A wheel cleaner that provides strong cleaning power, while being safe on your wheels.
  3. A wheel cleaner that gives you great results, while being affordable. 
  4. A wheel cleaner that also cleans the tires exceptionally well.

Here are our top 3 wheel cleaners of 2022.

3: Mequiar's Wheel Brightener 

Price: $25

Mequiar's Wheel Brightener is a strong acidic wheel cleaner that provides you with insane cleaning power on the wheels. If you have caked on brake dust, then this should get the job done. Just be careful when using it in the sun, and make sure to spray every last drop!


  • Provides Great Cleaning Power
  • Can Be Diluted
  • Cost Effective


  • Can Damage Wheels If Used Incorrectly
  • Does Not Clean The Tires Effectively

2. Adam's Wheel Cleaner

Price: $44.99

Adams Wheel Cleaner is a non-acidic, but powerful wheel cleaner. Unlike Mequiar's wheel brightener, Adams works exceptionally well for both the wheel and tire cleaning. While this isn't the most cost effective wheel cleaner, it will give you same great results!


  • Great Cleaning¬†Power On Both Wheels & Tires
  • Safe¬†On All Types Of Wheels


  • Not Cost Effective

1. P&S Break Buster

Price: $24.99

If your looking for a powerful, wheel safe, & affordable wheel cleaner, then P&S Break Buster should be your go-to. Not only is this wheel cleaner powerful and fairly priced, but it can also be diluted to increase its longevity.


  • Affordable¬†
  • Can¬†Be Diluted
  • Great¬†Cleaning Power For The Tires


  • May¬†Lack Cleaning Power With Extremely Caked On Break Dust

There is no doubt that all of these wheel cleaners will provide you with amazing results. When it comes down to price, P&S Break Buster is the clear winner.

I linked each of these products below so you can pick them up on amazon. By buying using the link, it helps support this blog. Thank you!

1. P&S Break Buster

2. Adam's Wheel Cleaner

3: Mequiar's Wheel Brightener 

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