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Blackline Scrub Pads (3 Pack)

Blackline Scrub Pads (3 Pack)

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Proper Usage

What Area Of The Vehicle Is This For?

We recommend using the Blackline Scrub Pads on any leather, vinyl, or plastics. These are a great all-purpose tool for detailers. 


✓ Three 5"x3.5" Scrub Pads

✓ 1 Side Made With An Ultra Soft Microfiber Weave

✓ Durable Stitching & Materials For Multi-Purpose Use

✓ 1 Side Made With A Material That Is Soft, Yet Creates A High Level Of Agitation

Made from high-quality Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

  • PEEK is a high-performance plastic that is incredibly resistant to harsh chemicals, fresh and saltwater, and steam


Wash pads with clean water and agitate until clean of any soap, dirt, or other elements that you don't want back in your car.

Shake off and let hang dry (if possible).