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AroTags are innovative, re-scentable wooden air fresheners designed to elevate your surroundings with a customizable and long-lasting fragrance experience. Crafted from high-quality Amish wood, each AroTag serves as a stylish and natural addition to any space. The uniqueness of Aro Tags lies in their ability to be refreshed with fragrance oil, allowing you to enjoy a continuous burst of delightful scents.

The process is simple yet effective — just apply your favorite fragrance oil to the wooden surface of the AroTag, and it will absorb and diffuse the scent gradually, filling the air with a pleasant aroma. This feature not only ensures a personalized and enduring fragrance but also makes AroTags a sustainable choice as they can be reused with different scents.

Whether you place them in your car, closet, office, or any other desired location, AroTags offer a sophisticated and eco-friendly way to keep your space smelling fresh and inviting.

30ml Bottle Of Fragrance Oil

  • Cool Water Fragrance - A masculine scent with a blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. Arotags Original Scent. Phthalate-free.


  1. Proudly Made & Sourced in the U.S.A. - Premium Fragrances: Wilmington, Ohio; Amish Wood: Middlefield, Ohio; Manufacturing: Concord, Ohio

Fragrance Bag & User Guide

Each box will contain 1 bag used to soak the wooden Arotag in the fragrance oil along with a user guide to help you along the way!

How To Use

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